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Chandigarh Land Records: In 2013, the Chandigarh administration initiated the process of digitising land records to expedite land-related transactions and decrease the number of property fraud cases and disputes. The official website of the UT Revenue Department of Chandigarh provides several online services, including access to Chandigarh Land Records. The Indian government introduced the Digital India land records modernisation program to enhance transparency in the land records maintenance system. As part of this program, the UT Revenue Department of Chandigarh has recently digitised the land records of 25 villages (DILRMP). If you want to learn how to check the Chandigarh land records and access other services available on the website, read on.

Chandigarh Land Records 2023

Chandigarh Administration has initiated the digitisation of Chandigarh Land Records. This step will accelerate land-related transactions and minimise property frauds and disputes. People who require information regarding the land records of the state can effortlessly access them along with various online services by visiting the official website of the Chandigarh Administration. In this write-up, we will provide you with essential details about Jamabandi Chandigarh.


NameChandigarh Land Records
Another nameChandigarh Jamabandi
Managed byUT Revenue Department of Chandigarh
Official website

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To access Chandigarh Land Records and Jamabandi Chandigarh, the Chandigarh administration has created an online platform. In 2013, the UT Revenue Department of Chandigarh launched the website to combat property fraud and disputes. The Digital India Land Records Modernisation Program (DILRMP), initiated to enhance transparency in the maintenance of land records, played a significant role in this project.

  • Chandigarh’s land records have been entirely digitized.
  • A robust Geospatial Information System (GIS) has been developed.
  • The survey and settlement records have undergone timely updates.
  • Incidences of property fraud and scams have been significantly reduced.
  • Online property mutations and registrations can be conveniently carried out.
  • Chandigarh’s land records and registrations have been seamlessly integrated.
  • Cadastral maps have been successfully digitized, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  • The generation of authentic cadastral records has been ensured for accuracy and reliability.

Mukhyamantri Shehri Nikay Swamitva Yojana

Information Needed to Verify

It is an account number provided to the co-owners of a piece of land.

Let’s take an example of two brothers who own a house jointly, and the Khewat number assigned to them is 5. If they decide to purchase another property with Khewat number 6, the owner’s name will be updated in both Khewat numbers 5 and 6 through the mutation process.

Khasra Number: A Khasra Number is a unique identification number assigned to a land parcel, which helps in determining its ownership, area, and other relevant information for revenue assessment and tax purposes.

Important Documents

  • Ration card
  • Aadhar card
  • proof of possession
  • encumbrance certificate
  • property tax payment receipt
  • Property documents like sale deed
  • Address Proof like Ration Card, Aadhaar Card, Telephone Bill or Water Bill
  • Identity Proof like  Passport, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License

How to Verify Land Records

  • To access land records, an individual can visit the Municipal Corporation Office located in the area where the property is situated and approach the estate officer or naib tahsildar. They can provide information related to the records and help with any queries the individual may have.
  • If an individual needs to obtain an application form to access land records, they can approach the relevant authority and request for it. In case the form is unavailable, they can write an application on plain paper to request access to the records.
  • Once the application form to access land records is obtained, the individual must complete it and attach all the necessary documents. This ensures that the application is processed smoothly and without any delays.
  • After completing the application form and attaching all the relevant documents, the next step is to submit the application to the appropriate authority. Once received, the authority will review the documents to ensure that everything is in order.
  • Upon receiving the application and supporting documents, the authority will register it and provide an acknowledgement with a record number. It is important for the individual to keep this acknowledgement safe as it serves as proof of submission and can be used for future reference.

Procedure for Search Online for Jamabandi Chandigarh Land Records ?

  • Go to the official website of the Chandigarh administration and navigate to the Services section. Then, click on Online Services, which can be found at the bottom of the website.
  • Click on the option for Online Jamabandi/RoR, which will take you to a new page. From there, select the option for Online Nakal on the menu bar.
  • By using the owner’s name, khewat number, or khasra number, it is possible to access and review the details of a Chandigarh jamabandi.
  • To verify the information, click on the Khewat number and then select the village. This will allow you to access the relevant details using the Khewat number.

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How to Check Deed Appointment Availability ?

Verifying the availability of deed appointments on the Chandigarh land records portal is a straightforward and convenient process. To begin, visit the Online Jamabandi Chandigarh website and click on the Deed Appointment option. You can then check for available Deed Appointments by selecting the desired date for your appointment. After selecting the Search option, the screen will display the availability of appointments.

How to Access Chandigarh Land Records Online to Get Mutation Information ?

Chandigarh locals can check the status of their mutations through the Online Jamabandi website. To do so, select the option for Online Mutation Copy, and then select the appropriate village from the drop-down menu. Provide the necessary information, including the mutation date, mutation number, cellphone number, and captcha. After clicking on the Search button, the system will display the relevant information on the screen.

How to Apply for Demarcation on Jamabandi Chandigarh Online Portal ?

To apply for land demarcation in Chandigarh, you can use the land records portal. Go to the Online Chandigarh Jamabandi website and click on Online Services to access the application form. Fill in the required details such as village, khewat, father’s name, address, ownership information, mobile number, and captcha. Once you have filled out the form, click on “Submit” to submit your application for land demarcation.

How to File Grievance on the Jamabandi Chandigarh Administration Website ?

To file a complaint of any nature, go to the Chandigarh Administration’s website. Then, select the Online Services option, and then select the Grievances option. A new page will appear, and then click on Lodge Public Grievance. If you haven’t registered yet, log in to the portal. Then, fill out the form and click the submit button.

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