DDA Housing Scheme 2023: Unlocking Affordable Housing

The need for affordable housing is a pressing issue in many cities, and Delhi is no exception. Recognising this challenge, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has been instrumental in launching housing schemes to provide affordable housing options to the residents of Delhi. In this blog, we will delve into the DDA Housing Scheme, its significance, and the opportunities it offers to various income groups.

DDA Housing Scheme 2023

DDA Housing Scheme 2023: With the rising inflation, the cost of flats is experiencing an upward trend, making it increasingly unaffordable for certain individuals. To tackle this issue, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has introduced the DDA Housing Scheme. This scheme aims to provide flats at affordable prices to people from all walks of life. The allotment of these flats is conducted through a fair draw system. The scheme encompasses various sections of society, including the general category, backward classes, widows, Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and more. In this article, we will present comprehensive information about the DDA Housing Scheme.

DDA Housing Scheme 2023: A Wide Selection of 5,000 Apartments in Jasola and Rohini

As per official sources, the pricing of Low-Income Group (LIG) and Economically Weaker Section (EWS) homes in the DDA Housing Scheme 2023 will be determined based on the guidelines outlined in the Special Housing Scheme of 2021. For instance, the units located in Loknayak Puram will have price ranges between Rs 27.5 lakh and Rs 28.5 lakh, while the apartments in Rohini will vary from Rs 14.15 lakh to Rs 41.11 lakh. In the upcoming Phase IV of the First Come First Served (FCFS) housing program, which is set to launch on June 30, the DDA plans to make approximately 5,000 apartments available to eligible residents.

Housing Options by Income Group and Locations

According to an official statement released on Wednesday, the DDA Housing Scheme 2023 is set to offer approximately 40 to 50 houses for the High Income Group (HIG) in Jasola. Furthermore, around 150 houses for the Middle Income Group (MIG) will be made available in Narela, along with an additional 50 in Dwarka. For the Lower Income Group (LIG) category, the scheme will include about 1,500 apartments in Rohini, approximately 120 apartments in Siraspur, and 140 apartments in Loknayak Puram, as confirmed by a DDA spokesperson. In Narela, there will be a significant offering of over 900 apartments for sale under the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category.

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About DDA Housing Scheme 2023

The most affordable housing options in the DDA Housing Scheme 2023 can be found in Siraspur under the LIG category, with prices ranging from Rs 17.5 lakh to Rs 17.75 lakh. For EWS homes, the price range is set between Rs 7.91 lakh and Rs 12.42 lakh. This ensures a variety of options catering to different budget requirements.

Following a prolonged dispute with the residents of Signature View apartments in Mukherjee Nagar, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has offered the tenants two options to resolve the issue. They can either opt for a direct buyback of their current homes or choose to be provided with a newly constructed home in the same area, offering the same features as their existing apartments. This decision aims to address the concerns and provide a resolution that accommodates the needs and preferences of the affected residents.

Full Reimbursement and Rental Compensation for Signature View Allottees

In a significant development, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has reached an agreement to fully reimburse the original purchase price of the flats, inclusive of interest and stamp duty, to the allottees of Signature View apartments. Furthermore, individuals who opt for the newly constructed flats will receive rental compensation during the construction phase. This decision reflects the DDA’s commitment to addressing the concerns of the affected residents by offering financial restitution and support during the transition to their new homes.

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The primary objective of the DDA Housing Scheme is to provide affordable housing options to residents of Delhi. The scheme aims to address the housing needs of different income groups, including Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), Lower Income Group (LIG), Middle Income Group (MIG), and High Income Group (HIG).

The specific objectives of the DDA Housing Scheme include
  • Affordable Housing: The scheme aims to offer housing options at affordable prices, ensuring that individuals from various income brackets can fulfill their dream of owning a home.
  • Equal Opportunity: The scheme provides an equal opportunity for all eligible applicants to participate in the lottery system, ensuring fairness and transparency in the allocation of housing units.
  • Addressing Housing Shortage: By launching housing schemes periodically, the DDA aims to address the housing shortage in Delhi and provide adequate housing options to meet the increasing demand.
  • Inclusive Development: The scheme covers different sections of society, including economically disadvantaged groups, ensuring inclusivity and social welfare.
  • Quality Living Standards: The DDA Housing Scheme aims to provide well-planned residential units with necessary amenities, such as access to schools, hospitals, transportation, and recreational facilities, to enhance the quality of living for residents.
  • Economic Growth: The scheme contributes to the overall economic growth by boosting the real estate sector, creating employment opportunities, and attracting investments.
  • Urban Development: By offering affordable housing options, the DDA Housing Scheme contributes to the planned and sustainable development of urban areas in Delhi, fostering a better living environment.
  • Overall, the objective of the DDA Housing Scheme is to promote affordable housing, social welfare, inclusivity, and sustainable urban development in Delhi, catering to the diverse needs of its residents.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Citizenship: The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • Age Requirement: The applicant should have reached the age of 18 years or above.
  • Ownership Limitation: Only individuals who do not own, either fully or partially, a residential plot exceeding 67 sqm in area or a flat/building with a carpet area exceeding 67 sqm on a freehold or leasehold basis in the urban areas of Delhi, New Delhi, and Delhi Cantonment are eligible to apply.
  • Spousal Application: Both husband and wife can apply separately for flats, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. However, if both are selected in the draw, only one flat will be allotted, and the application fee of the other applicant will be refunded.
  • Single Application: Applicants are permitted to submit only one application either in their name or jointly with another applicant. Duplicate or multiple applications will not be accepted.
  • The individual or joint income of the applicant applying for economically weaker section (EWS) flats should not exceed Rs 3 lakh per annum, and the household income should not exceed Rs 10 lakh per annum.
  • There are no income criteria for other categories of flats.
  • The applicant is required to provide their bank account details in the application form.
  • The applicant must possess a permanent account number (PAN).
  • In the case of a joint application under the reserved category of Scheduled Caste (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST), the joint applicant should be from within the family.
  • For joint applications under categories such as war widows, persons with disabilities, ex-servicemen, and other reserved categories, the primary applicant should fall within the respective reserved category, and the joint applicant should be from within the family.


  • DDA Housing Scheme provides benefits to economically disadvantaged individuals who cannot afford to purchase their own house in Delhi.
  • Flats will be offered to citizens of Delhi NCR at discounted rates.
  • The discount offered is estimated to be around 5 lakh rupees.
  • DDA Housing Scheme aims to fulfill the dream of owning a house for many people.
  • The allocation of flats will be conducted through a computer draw, ensuring fairness and reducing the chances of fraud or cheating.
  • Newly built flats will receive a discount of up to Rs 5 lakh and will be equipped with parking facilities and lifts.

Refund Of Registration Money To The Applicant

  • Prior to applying for a flat allocation under the scheme, applicants are strongly advised to thoroughly assess the location, cost, existing facilities, and other relevant factors to ensure satisfaction.
  • DDA will not be held responsible for any delays in the refund of application money arising from incorrect or mismatched bank details provided by the applicant.
  • Requests for surrender or cancellation of applications will only be accepted through the online mode.
  • To receive an eligible refund of the registration money, applicants must clearly mention their savings bank account number and the corresponding IFSC code in the application form.
  • In the case of a joint application, the refund will be issued in the name of the first applicant mentioned.
  • The designated bank account should not be an NRE (Non-Resident External)/NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary) account or a current account.

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Crucial Information for Applying to the DDA Housing Scheme

  • Online Application: Applications for the DDA Housing Scheme will only be accepted through the online mode.
  • Registration Amount: If applying for multiple categories, the applicant must deposit the registration amount for the higher or highest category.
  • Non-Withdrawable Application: Once submitted, the applicant cannot withdraw the application.
  • Online Process: The entire application process, including issuance of demand letter, possession letter, conveyance deed, and document uploading, will be conducted online.
  • Secure Login Credentials: Applicants must safeguard their login credentials to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Responsibility for Login Credentials: The Delhi Development Authority will not be held responsible for any unauthorised use of login credentials.
  • Regular Portal Checks: Applicants are advised to frequently check the online portal for any updates or notifications.
  • Preference Selection: Applicants must provide one or more preferences, up to a maximum of 7, by filling the locality codes.
  • Mandatory Locality Preference: It is necessary for applicants to fill in at least one preference for the locality.
  • Familiarity with Locality: It is assumed that the applicant has visited or seen the chosen locality or flat before indicating a preference.
  • No Locality Change Requests: Requests for changing the locality or sector will not be entertained.
  • Document Submission during Application: Applicants are not required to submit any documents at the time of application submission.
  • Submission of Supportive Documents for Successful Applicants: Once selected, successful applicants will be required to submit the specified supportive documents as per the prescribed guidelines.

Required Documents

For All Categories

  • Self-attested copy of PAN card
  • Identity proof
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income from economic weaker section category
For Reserved Categories
  • PAN Card Copy (Self-attested)
  • Proof of Identity
  • Residence Proof
  • Income Proof for Economically Weaker Section Category
  • Caste Certificate Copy (Original, Attested)
  • Handicapped Certificate Copy (Original, Attested)
  • Guardianship Certificate (Self-attested)
  • Discharge Certificate Copy (Attested)
  • Requisite Certificate Copy (Attested)
Other Documents
  • Bank Account Passbook/Bank Statement Copy (Self-attested), showing the deposited amount for the flat
  • Affidavit as per the provided format in Annexures C and D of the scheme brochure
  • Undertaking as per the provided format in Annexure E of the scheme brochure
  • Photographs and three attested signatures of self and spouse, following the format in Annexure F of the scheme brochure.

Reserved Categories in the DDA Housing Scheme

  • 15% of the flats will be allocated for scheduled caste applicants.
  • 7.5% of the flats will be designated for scheduled tribe applicants.
  • In case of insufficient applications from scheduled tribe category, the remaining flats will be allocated to scheduled caste applicants and vice versa.
  • 1% of flats will be reserved for war widows and those receiving liberalized pensions from armed/paramilitary services.
  • 1% of flats will be reserved for ex-servicemen.
  • 5% of flats will be set aside for persons with disabilities.
  • If there is a shortage of applications from the mentioned categories, the flats will be offered to other eligible applicants.

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DDA Housing Scheme Awaas Software: An Overview

The DDA Housing Scheme will be implemented using the AWAAS software, streamlining the entire process. Through this software, applicants can complete all formalities online, including application, payment, and possession. Visits to the DDA office will only be required for executing conveyance deeds. The total cost of the flats offered will include the premium cost, construction expenses, and surcharge on the land premium. Allottees must deposit the unit cost within 90 days. Digitally signed possession letters will be issued online, and allottees will need to upload self-attested copies of the necessary documents. Additionally, they can reserve dates for physical possession and execution of deeds through the online mode. It is important to note that the flats allotted under the DDA Housing Scheme cannot be transferred or sold for a period of 5 years.

Flat Booking Procedure

  • To begin, visit the Official Website and carefully review the procedure for booking DDA flats.
  • Upon accessing the homepage, you will encounter three sequential steps outlined for DDA Housing Flat Registration.
    • Registration
    • Fill the Online Application Form
    • Online Payment
  • Next, you will need to create an account and register on the website to proceed further.
  • Fill in the required details such as your name, date of birth, PAN card, mobile number, email ID, etc. in the registration form, and then proceed by clicking on the “Submit” button.
  • Once completed, a user ID and password will be sent to your registered mobile number. Use these credentials to log in to the website. Upon logging in, a registration form will appear where you must provide necessary information, including personal details, bank details, address details, and more.
  • Proceed by uploading your signature and photo as per the specified guidelines. Once completed, make sure to check the checkbox on the declaration as a confirmation.
  • Finalise the application form by submitting it. Subsequently, a new screen will display your registration number, date, and the registration fees that need to be paid.
  • Proceed to make the payment for the application amount through net banking using NEFT or RTGS. Click on the “Make Payment” button to proceed with the transaction.
  • Upon selecting the “Make Payment” option, a screen will display the application number, the corresponding amount, and the payment details for your reference.
  • Once the payment is successfully made, an acceptance slip will be generated on your screen. It is essential to print out this slip and keep it securely for future reference.

How to Login ?

  • Once your registration is successfully completed, you will need to log in using your assigned USER ID and Password. Simply click on the “DDA Housing Login” option to proceed.
  • Now carefully enter your registered User ID and Password, ensuring accuracy, and proceed by clicking on the “Login” option.
  • Upon successful login, you will be presented with the final application form to book one of the 1354 available flats at the designated location.

Steps for Making Payment under DDA Housing Scheme

  • Visit the official website of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). The website’s homepage will be displayed on your screen.
  • Locate and select the “Payment” option available on the homepage. By clicking on it, you will be directed to a separate page.
  • Within the newly displayed page, you will find a designated section for making online payments for various DDA properties such as flats, plots, group housing, cooperative societies, and unauthorized colonies. Please proceed by clicking on this particular option.
  • Upon clicking the option, you will be directed to a subsequent page where you will be required to select the “Make Payment” button. Following this action, a fresh page will appear, prompting you to enter your login credentials, including the challan number, mobile number, and captcha code.
  • Once you have entered your login credentials, proceed by selecting the “Login” option. Upon successful login, you will gain access to the payment interface, where you can proceed with making the payment.


The DDA Housing Scheme 2023 is a commendable initiative by the Delhi Development Authority to address the housing needs of the residents of Delhi. By offering affordable housing options and flexible payment plans, the scheme aims to make home ownership accessible to individuals from various income groups. The transparent application and allotment process ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all applicants. This scheme not only provides much-needed housing solutions but also contributes to the overall development and progress of Delhi. The DDA Housing Scheme 2023 is a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and thriving urban environment for the residents of the city.


What is the DDA Housing Scheme 2023?

  • The DDA Housing Scheme 2023 is a housing program launched by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 2023 to provide affordable housing options to the residents of Delhi. It offers various categories of flats, including EWS (Economically Weaker Section), LIG (Lower Income Group), MIG (Middle Income Group), and HIG (Higher Income Group).

Who is eligible to apply for the DDA Housing Scheme 2023?

  • The eligibility criteria for the DDA Housing Scheme 2023 vary depending on the category of flats. Generally, any Indian citizen above 18 years of age can apply. The applicant must not own any residential property in Delhi, and they or their family members should not have been allotted any flat under any housing scheme of DDA or any other housing scheme by the government.

How can I apply for the DDA Housing Scheme 2023?

  • To apply for the DDA Housing Scheme 2023, you need to fill out the application form available on the official DDA website or designated banks. The form can be submitted online or offline, as specified by the DDA. You will need to provide necessary documents and pay the registration fee along with the application.

What are the payment options for the DDA Housing Scheme 2023?

  • The DDA Housing Scheme 2023 offers flexible payment options for the allotted flats. The applicants can choose to make the payment in a lump sum or in installments, as specified by the DDA. The payment schedule and modes of payment will be communicated to the successful applicants at the time of the allotment.

What are the key features and benefits of the DDA Housing Scheme 2023?

  • The DDA Housing Scheme 2023 provides affordable housing options in various categories to different income groups. Some of the key features and benefits include competitive pricing, good quality construction, modern amenities, proximity to essential services and infrastructure, and the opportunity to own a home in Delhi through a transparent and efficient allotment process conducted by the DDA.

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