India Handicraft Portal: Handmade for Handicrafts & Handloom Products

India Handmade Portal is an online platform that promotes and supports handmade products made by artisans and craftsmen from different regions of India. It serves as a marketplace where these artisans can showcase their unique, traditional, and sustainable products to a global audience.

India Handmade Portal is an e-commerce platform initiated by the government of India, aimed at empowering artists and weavers to sell their handloom and handicraft products directly to clients, bypassing intermediaries. This portal serves as a digital marketplace that highlights the rich cultural heritage of India through traditional crafts. The objectives of India Handmade Portal include promoting sustainable livelihoods for artisans, fostering fair trade practices, and preserving traditional crafts.

India Handicraft Portal

The features and benefits of the portal include providing a platform for artisans to showcase and sell their products, eliminating the need for middlemen, and connecting artisans with customers directly. To create an account on India Handmade Portal, users can follow the steps provided on the website.


NameIndia Handmade Portal
Introduced byGovernment of India
BeneficiariesArtists and Weavers
ObjectiveTo provide an online portal for artists and weavers to sell their handloom and handicraft products directly to clients 
Official Website

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Signing in to the portal can be done using the registered email ID and password. In case of a forgotten password, there are steps available to retrieve it. Overall, India Handmade Portal is a government initiative that empowers artisans and weavers to sell their products online, promoting traditional crafts, fair trade practices, and sustainable livelihoods.

About India Handicraft Portal

In a recent statement, the Ministry of Textiles announced the launch of the portal, stating that it will provide a platform for more than 27 million handicraft artists and 35 lakh handloom weavers to sell their products directly to customers. The website currently features a wide range of items, including apparel, Jewelery, accessories, and home decor, all made by professional artists. The portal is also expected to benefit 62 lakh weavers and artisans by offering them the opportunity to start their own online businesses. Notably, the portal offers free shipping to customers, a return option, and supports various online payment processors without charging any commission to vendors. This initiative by the Ministry of Textiles aims to promote the products of traditional artisans and weavers while providing them with a convenient online platform to connect with customers directly.


The India handmade website is a significant stride towards empowering and supporting Indian weavers and craftspeople. This project provides a platform for these skilled artisans to showcase and sell their unique, handcrafted products directly to customers, eliminating the need for intermediaries and promoting a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious approach to purchasing.

The portal facilitates direct connection between artisans and buyers through a shared platform, and integrates with various logistic partners for streamlined order processing. Additionally, it offers free assistance to merchants from registration to order fulfilment, providing handholding support throughout the process. This initiative aims to empower artisans and weavers by creating a conducive environment for their businesses to thrive, and promoting the value of traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices.


  • is a reliable online marketplace for authentic Indian handicrafts.
  • Customers can enjoy quick returns and free shipping on their purchases.
  • The portal provides immediate access to India’s rich cultural heritage and enduring legacy through its curated collection of handcrafted products.
  • The platform supports various vendors, including producers, weavers, Self-Help Groups (SHGs), and cooperative societies, promoting inclusivity and supporting local communities.
  • Secure transactions are ensured through multiple payment gateways, guaranteeing a safe shopping experience for customers.
  • Sellers can benefit from higher earnings as there are no commissions charged on their sales.
  • By eliminating middlemen, creates a direct link between customers and Indian craftspeople, promoting fair trade practices and empowering artisans.
  • The portal offers efficient order processing and integrates with numerous logistical partners for smooth and timely product deliveries.

Steps to Create an Account on the India Handmade Portal

  • To begin, visit the Official website of the India Handmade Portal. The homepage of the website will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the “Create an Account” tab.
  • The registration form will be displayed on your screen.
  • Next, provide all the necessary information in the form, including your name, email id, phone number, password, and other required details.
  • Once the form is filled, click on the “Create an Account” tab to finalize your registration.

Steps to Sign in on the India Handmade Portal

  • To get started, navigate to the India Handmade Portal’s Official website.
  • Upon arrival, the website’s homepage will be presented on your screen.
  • Select the “Sign-in” tab from the website’s menu.
  • After clicking the tab, you will be directed to the login page, which will be displayed on your screen.
  • Enter your registered email id or phone number, followed by your password, in the designated fields on the login page.
  • Once you have entered your login credentials, click on the “Sign-in” button to access your registered account.

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