Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme 2023: Application process, Objective

Farmers constantly face the perilous impact of natural disasters on their crops, which they tirelessly endeavor to safeguard. The recurrent occurrence of such calamities severely hampers crop production and quality, leading to immense disappointment. Consequently, farmers find themselves burdened with financial hardships as they grapple with the inherent challenges of their agricultural profession. Despite the myriad challenges, the financial prospects of farming often remain unsatisfactory. As a result, farmers are compelled to seek financial assistance through loans or explore alternative avenues to generate income or make investments. Recognising these difficulties, the government has introduced several initiatives, including the Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme, to alleviate the plight of farmers. In this article, we will delve into the comprehensive details and various facets of the Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme.

Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme 2023

The nation faced the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the implementation of a lockdown in Karnataka. Furthermore, the agricultural sector suffered from the detrimental effects of drought, resulting in reduced crop yields and severe hardships for farmers. Recognizing the plight of farmers in combating drought, the government extended support through various initiatives. In this regard, the Karnataka government introduced the Raitha Siri Scheme 2023, aimed at promoting millet cultivation among state farmers. Under this scheme, the government provided financial assistance of Rs 10,000 per acre to millet growers in Karnataka. The Raitha Siri Scheme 2023 emerged as a significant step towards extending much-needed support to farmers and agricultural laborers in the state of Karnataka.

Short Details of Raitha Siri Scheme Karnataka 2023

Scheme NameKarnataka Raitha Siri Scheme
Launch ByKarnataka State Govt.
BenefitsFinancial Aid
Launch Year2023
BeneficiariesKarnataka State farmers’
Web Portalhttp://raitamitra.karnataka.gov.in

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Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme 2023

To address the water scarcity issues faced by dry land farmers, the Karnataka state government has allocated a budget of 250 crore Rs for the construction of agricultural ponds. This initiative is part of the state’s Krushi Bhagya Yojana. In order to avail the benefits of this scheme, farmers are required to submit separate applications for each plan they wish to undertake. Eligible and interested farmers can apply for the scheme through the official website dedicated to the program. This proactive step taken by the government aims to alleviate water-related challenges for farmers and promote sustainable agriculture in the state of Karnataka.


  • Loan Waiver: The scheme aims to provide relief to farmers by waiving their outstanding crop loans up to a specified limit. This helps alleviate the burden of debt on farmers and provides them with financial respite.
  • Financial Assistance: The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to farmers to promote agricultural activities and enhance agricultural productivity. This assistance helps farmers in meeting various expenses related to farming, such as purchasing seeds, fertilizers, machinery, and other agricultural inputs.
  • Agricultural Development: The scheme aims to promote agricultural development by encouraging farmers to adopt modern and scientific farming practices. It aims to provide support for implementing advanced technologies and techniques in agriculture to improve productivity and income.
  • Risk Mitigation: The scheme aims to mitigate the risks faced by farmers due to natural calamities, market fluctuations, and other uncertainties. It provides a safety net for farmers, enabling them to cope with the adverse effects of these risks and continue their farming activities.
  • Farmer Empowerment: The scheme aims to empower farmers by providing them with the necessary resources, knowledge, and training to enhance their agricultural skills and income generation capabilities. It promotes farmer welfare and ensures their overall socio-economic development.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: The scheme aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices by encouraging farmers to adopt organic farming, water conservation techniques, and other environmentally friendly methods. It focuses on the long-term viability of farming and the preservation of natural resources.

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Benefits and Features

  • The Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme aims to promote the practice of organic cultivation in addition to supporting millet farmers.
  • The scheme actively encourages and provides assistance to millet growers, resulting in an increase in the number of farmers cultivating minor millet crops.
  • As a result of this initiative, the government has extended financial aid of Rs 10,000 per acre to millet producers.
  • Farmers can conveniently receive the financial aid without the need for travel, as the funds are directly transferred to their registered bank accounts.
  • Additionally, rice farmers have received financial support of Rs 750 per acre from the government.
  • Karnataka has also adopted Israel’s micro-irrigation model, which utilizes water-efficient techniques for crop cultivation.
  • The government has provided financial assistance to state farmers as part of the scheme’s objectives.
  • Other programs are being implemented by the government to construct water ponds that benefit dryland farmers

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility for the program requires applicants to be legal residents of Karnataka on a permanent basis.
  • Applicants must be engaged in the profession of farming.
  • The farmer should primarily focus on cultivating millet crops.
  • To qualify for this program, farmers must possess a minimum agricultural landholding of one hectare..

Important Documents

  • Ration Card.
  • Mobile Number.
  • Land Record Details.
  • Bank Account Details.
  • Applicant’s Address proof.
  • Passport size Photographs
  • Aadhar Card or Identification Card.
  • Land-related documents of the applicant.
  • Permanent Resident Certificate of Applicant.

Application process

  • To begin the application process, individuals who wish to apply should first access the official website of Raita Agricultural (KSDA). By clicking on the provided link, the homepage of the official website will be displayed on your device screen.
  • Next, it is essential to explore the details of the new Raita Siri scheme. Moreover, there is a provision to download the necessary documents or information related to the scheme.
  • Click on the download button, and it will lead you to a separate webpage where Karnataka state residents can access a Kannada PDF file related to the scheme.
  • After downloading the form, you can proceed to print it out. Fill in all the necessary information as required and ensure that you attach the requested documents. Finally, submit your completed application to the relevant department for processing.
  • Currently, the website does not support online form filling. Therefore, it is advised to patiently wait until the service becomes available on the website.

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