Assam Pragyan Bharati Scooty Scheme 2024 New Update,

Assam Pragyan Bharati Scooty Scheme 2024 Assam state is delivering on its commitment to a revamped and improved governance system. Presently, the Government of Assam has introduced a fresh program designed specifically for accomplished female students who have achieved exceptional scores in their recent examinations.

This initiative, known as the Pragyan Bharti Scooty Scheme 2024, intends to provide scooters to all eligible female students. With the purpose of facilitating a hassle-free enrollment process, we will furnish you with comprehensive information about the scheme. In addition, we will outline the eligibility requirements and present a step-by-step guide for the application procedure.

Assam Pragyan Bharati Scooty Scheme 2023

What is Assam Pragyan Bharati Scooty Scheme ?

The Assam Higher Secondary Educational Council officially announced the results for the class 12th examinations. Subsequently, the Assam Government took a commendable step by deciding to distribute motorcycles to outstanding female students who excelled in the aforementioned exams. The Finance Minister of Assam unveiled a scheme called AHSEC Scooty Scheme, which falls under the umbrella of the Pragyan Bharati Scooty initiative. As per the scheme’s provisions, female students who achieve first division marks in the state board’s 12th grade examinations will be awarded a motorcycle. This year, a remarkable number of 22,000 girls in Assam have performed exceptionally well, thereby entitling each one of them to receive a Scooty.

Short Details of Assam Pragyan Bharati Scooty Scheme

NameAssam Pragyan Bharati Scooty
Launched byGovernment of Assam
Launched forGovernment school students of Assam
BenefitsProviding the different type of educational benefits
Official Website


The primary goal behind the initiation of this scheme is to ensure equitable access to essential resources for female students pursuing education in Assam state. The scheme’s overarching objective is to promote and encourage girls to pursue higher education and foster their independence. The scheme offers a wide range of benefits that are intended to motivate and inspire students. Each student will be provided with a Scooty, which will serve as a valuable mode of transportation, facilitating their travel needs.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Residency Requirement: The candidate should have permanent domicile in the state of Assam.
  • Gender Eligibility: Only female applicants are eligible for the scheme.
  • Academic Criteria: The candidate must have obtained a first division in the 12th grade examination conducted by the government schools in Assam.
  • School Affiliation: The applicant must be enrolled in a government school located within Assam.


  • Comprehensive Support: The Assam government is committed to offering a comprehensive support package to beneficiaries, encompassing free textbooks, uniforms, and other essential school supplies necessary for their education.
  • Textbook Assistance: To aid students, the government will provide financial assistance ranging from Rs. 1,000 to 1 lakh for the purchase of textbooks, benefiting a significant number of students.
  • Higher Education Support: Undergraduate and postgraduate students will receive additional incentives of Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 2,000, respectively, specifically earmarked for textbooks to facilitate their academic pursuits.
  • Mess Dues: All students will receive a monthly allowance of Rs. 1,000 to cover their mess dues and ensure they have access to nutritious meals.
  • Education Loan Subsidy: A substantial one-time education loan subsidy of Rs. 50,000 will be granted to eligible students, assisting them in pursuing their educational aspirations.
  • Scooty Distribution: The scheme includes the provision of scooters to 20,000 deserving female students currently enrolled in the 12th grade, promoting their mobility and accessibility to educational institutions.
  • Free Admissions: From higher secondary to postgraduate levels, the government will eliminate admission fees for all students for the academic year 2020-21. This fee waiver extends to prestigious fields such as medical, engineering, and polytechnic courses.

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Application Procedure

  • Initially, you need to access the official website of the scheme. Once you are on the homepage, locate and select the section titled “Scooty Selection” or “Scooty Option” to proceed.
  • You can conveniently navigate to the designated webpage by directly clicking on the provided hyperlink. Upon reaching the webpage, kindly proceed to log in using your unique credentials like:
  •  Enter Roll No
  • Registration Number
  • Enter your Contact Details
  • Choose your preferred option and proceed to fill out the form accordingly. Once you have completed the form, proceed to upload the required documents. Finally, click on the submit button to finalize your application. After submission, you will be able to download the application form for your records.

Pragyan Bharati Scooty Scheme 2024 Percentage:

Pragyan Bharti Scheme 2024 has been launched by the Government of Assam for school girls. And to avail the benefit of this scheme, it is mandatory for you to have 75% marks in class 12th.

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