Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023: Budget, Amount, Apply Online & Benefits

Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023:

Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023: Budget, Amount, Apply Online & Benefits | Online Registration | Application Form

The Rythu Bandhu Scheme has been a significant initiative by the Telangana government to support the state’s farmers and enhance agricultural growth. Under this scheme, eligible farmers receive financial assistance directly to their bank accounts, providing them with much-needed support for agricultural activities. In this blog post, we will explore the key aspects of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme for 2023, including the application process, payment status, and the impact it has on the farming community.

The Rythu Bandhu Scheme, introduced by the Chief Minister of Telangana, aims to provide financial aid to farmers by offering Rs. 5000 per acre for their farmland. The government disburses this financial support directly into the bank accounts of eligible farmers. The scheme has gained immense popularity and has entered its 10th phase for the current Yasangi season.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Over 70.54 lakh farmers are set to receive a total of Rs. 7,676 crore in this phase alone. The scheme has transformed the lives of farmers, enabling them to invest in agricultural activities without the burden of upfront input costs. This assistance ensures a smooth start to Kharif cultivation, boosting agricultural productivity across the state.

The Rythu Bandhu Scheme has brought significant positive changes to the lives of farmers in Telangana. It has provided financial security and stability to farmers, encouraging them to invest in better agricultural practices. By easing the financial burden, the scheme ensures farmers can focus on increasing productivity and improving their livelihoods.

As the scheme enters its 11th phase, it is set to include approximately 5 lakh new beneficiaries, including podu farmers who will receive RoFR pattas for around 4.06 lakh acres. This expansion of the scheme will further amplify its impact on the farming community, driving agricultural growth and socio-economic development in the state.

Short Details

Name of SchemeRythu Bandhu Scheme
Launched byCM KCR Garu
BeneficiariesFarmers of Telangana
ObjectiveProviding incentives
BenefitsRs. 5000 Per Acre
Scheme PurposeHelping farmers to invest money for inputs like seeds, and pesticides in the Karif season.
Official websitehttps://treasury.telangana.gov.in/

Objective of Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

1. Rythu Bandhu Status is a scheme launched by the Telangana government to provide financial incentives to farmers and improve their economic condition.

2. The main objective of this scheme is to uplift the financial situation of farmers and make them self-reliant in agricultural activities.

3. Through Rythu Bandhu, eligible farmers receive Rs. 4000 per hectare of land, along with other benefits, aimed at supporting their agricultural endeavors.

4. The scheme strives to enhance the income of farmers and promote their overall growth and development in the agricultural sector.

5. By fulfilling the financial needs of farmers and empowering them, the Telangana government aims to foster a sustainable and prosperous farming community in the state.

Benefits & Features of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

1. Financial Incentives: The Rythu Bandhu scheme offers financial incentives to farmers, providing them with Rs 4000 per acre of land.

2. Additional Incentives: In addition to the monetary incentive, farmers also receive benefits such as free insecticides and pesticides to support their agricultural activities.

3. Application Process: Farmers can avail the benefits of the scheme by filling out an application form and submitting it either online or offline.

4. Extensive Coverage: The scheme covers more than 60 lakh farmers in the state for the current financial year, ensuring a wide reach to support the agricultural community.

5. Significant Allocation: The government allocated Rs 7000 crore for the implementation of the scheme before June 10, 2020, highlighting the commitment towards agricultural development.

6. Compliance with Crop Pattern: To receive the scheme’s benefits, farmers must follow the crop pattern determined by the government. Non-compliance may lead to exclusion from the scheme.

7. Preventing Misuse: The scheme aims to prevent misuse by farmers who claim benefits but do not cultivate their lands. Such practices are discouraged, ensuring that the benefits reach genuine beneficiaries.

8. Improved Financial Condition: By receiving the financial incentives, farmers’ economic conditions are expected to improve, making them self-reliant and financially empowered.

Incentives in this Scheme:

Under the Rythu Bandhu scheme for 2023, the Telangana state government has announced that all farmers will receive a significant incentive of Rs 4000 per acre of land they cultivate. Along with this financial benefit, the scheme also provides additional incentives to the farmers, such as the provision of insecticides to support their agricultural activities.

The successful implementation of the Rythu Bandhu scheme brings forth great news for the farming community in Telangana. With this scheme in place, farmers can now lead their lives without financial burdens and experience improved livelihoods. The initiative aims to uplift the farming community and ensure their well-being by providing them with the necessary financial support, ultimately contributing to the growth of the agriculture sector in the state.

The list of crops covered under the scheme includes:

  • 1. Paddy
  • 2. Soybean
  • 3. Peas
  • 4. Cotton
  • 5. Pepper
  • 6. Phosphorus
  • 7. Corns
  • 8. Sugarcane
  • 9. And other crops that are cultivated by eligible farmers in the state.

The scheme aims to provide financial incentives to farmers for various crops they grow, promoting agricultural activities and supporting the agricultural community in Telangana. By providing financial assistance per acre of land, the government aims to improve the economic conditions of farmers and enhance agricultural productivity in the state.

Banks for this Scheme:

The Rythu Bandhu scheme is associated with various participating and affiliated banks that facilitate the distribution of financial incentives to eligible farmers. Here is the list of banks:

Participating Banks:

1. State Bank of India (SBI)

2. Andhra Bank

3. Syndicate Bank

4. Corporation Bank

5. Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)

6. Canara Bank

7. AP Grameena Vikas Bank

8. Telangana Grameena Bank

9. IDBI Bank

10. Telangana State Co-operative Apex Bank (TSCAB)

Affiliated Banks:

1. State Bank of India (SBI)

2. Andhra Bank

3. IDBI Bank

4. Telangana State Co-operative Apex Bank (TSCAB)

5. Syndicate Bank

6. Corporation Bank

7. Canara Bank

8. AP Grameena Vikas Bank

9. Telangana Grameena Bank

10. Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)

These banks play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and timely distribution of financial assistance to small and marginal farmers under the Rythu Bandhu scheme. Farmers can approach any of these banks to avail the benefits of the scheme and receive the financial incentives directly into their bank accounts.

Eligibility Criteria for Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

To avail the benefits of the Rythu Bandhu scheme, farmers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Residency: The farmer must be a resident of Telangana state.

2. Land Ownership: The farmer should possess the land that is being cultivated.

3. Farming Category: The farmer should fall under the category of small and marginal farmers.

4. Exclusion: Commercial farmers operating farms for profit are not eligible for this scheme.

Required Documents for Rythu Bandhu Status:

To apply for the Rythu Bandhu scheme, the following documents are required:

1. Aadhar card: A valid Aadhar card for identity verification.

2. Voter ID card: Voter ID as a proof of citizenship.

3. Pan card: Pan card for financial transactions and tax purposes.

4. BPL certificate: Below Poverty Line (BPL) certificate for eligible beneficiaries.

5. Land ownership papers: Documents proving ownership of the agricultural land.

6. Caste certificate: Caste certificate for specific category-based benefits, if applicable.

7. Address proof: Document providing the farmer’s residential address.

8. Bank account details: Details of the farmer’s bank account for fund transfers

How to Check Rythu Bandhu Status Online?

1. Visit the official website of Telangana. Once the homepage loads, look for the “Rythu Bandhu Scheme Rabi Details” option and click on it.

2. From the drop-down menu, select the “Scheme Wise Report” option.

3. On the new webpage, provide the required information such as the year and PPB (Pattadar Passbook) number.

4. Enter the captcha code as shown in the picture.

5. Click on the “Submit” button to proceed.

6. The status of your Rythu Bandhu application will be displayed on the screen.

By following these steps, you can easily check the status of your Rythu Bandhu application online. Ensure that you have the necessary details handy before starting the process. This online facility provides a convenient way to track the progress of your application and stay updated on the benefits you are eligible for under the Rythu Bandhu scheme.

How to Check Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023 Beneficiary List

  • 1. Visit the official website of the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).
  • 2. Once the homepage loads, look for the section where you can select your desired scheme. In this case, select “Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023.”
  • 3. A new webpage will be displayed on your screen, showing the details related to the scheme.
  • 4. Scroll down the webpage to find the option to check the beneficiary list of the scheme.
  • 5. Click on the “Cheque Distribution Schedule Report” to view the list of beneficiaries.
  • 6. Alternatively, you can click on the direct link provided to select the District and Mandal.
  • 7. After selecting the District and Mandal, the beneficiary list will be shown on your screen.

By following these steps, you can easily check the beneficiary list status of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023. This will provide you with the information of all the beneficiaries who are eligible to receive the benefits under the scheme in your selected District and Mandal.

To check the Rythu Bandhu Status on the TS IFMIS website, follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Go to the TS IFMIS official website.
  • 2. A new page will appear in front of you.
  • 3. Select the appropriate “Year” for which you want to check the Rythu Bandhu Status.
  • 4. Enter the “PPB Number” (Pattadar Passbook Number) in the provided field.
  • 5. Click on the “Submit” option.

After clicking on the “Submit” button, the status of your Rythu Bandhu scheme application will be displayed on your computer screen. You will be able to see the details of the scheme and whether your application has been approved or not. This simple online process allows you to check the status of your Rythu Bandhu scheme application easily and conveniently.

To download the mobile app for Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of Rythu Bandhu Scheme.

2. Once the homepage loads, look for the menu bar.

3. In the menu bar, find and select the “Download Mobile App” option.

4. Click on the “Download Mobile App” option to initiate the download of the application on your mobile device.

5. Once the application is downloaded, install it on your mobile device.

6. After installing the app, register or login to start using it.

By following these steps, you can easily download and install the mobile app for Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023. The mobile app will provide you with convenient access to the scheme-related information and features, allowing you to stay updated and make the most of the scheme benefits.

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Rythu Bandhu Scheme Assistance:

If you need assistance or have any queries regarding the Rythu Bandhu scheme, you can contact the helpline at the following details:

Helpline Address:

Ground Floor, D-block, Fathe Maidan, Basheer Bagh,

Near Nizam College Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001

Helpline Contact Number:

040 2338 3520

Helpline Email:


Feel free to reach out to the helpline for any information or support related to the Rythu Bandhu scheme. They will be happy to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Farmer List (District Wise):

Name of DistrictNumber of Farmer
Jogulamba Gadwal1,48,512
Yadadri Bhuvanagiri1,82,455
Jayashankar Bhupalpalli1,55,770
Bhadradri Kothagudem99,621
Kumuram Bheem (Asifabad)91,812
Rajanna Sircilla1,05,074
Warangal (Rural)1,67,452
Warangal (Urban)78,288

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